James Aritonovic Australia
11 years ago I had a heart attack with 100% right coronary blocked artery; I had a stent put in and prescribed Lipitor, Tritace, Noten and Plavix. Over the subsequent years I still suffered from high triglycerides and also abnormally high liver function (fatty liver) with my GGT at over 400 for an extended period. I tried lots of natural pills, red rice etc… I heard about BergaMet and started taking it approximately 9 months ago, to my amazement and my doctors, my triglycerides have lowered by a massive 40% and my liver function GGT has decreased to 244. Family and friends have all commented that I look healthier with my constant red face gone. Do I recommend BergaMet? You betcha, it works and nothing on the market comes close, my whole inner family ,wife, brothers , sisters are all on it as they have all had similar problems with high triglycerides etc, and they can’t stop raving about it.
David Pryor Australia
I began taking BergaMet Mega just after my colleague Dr. Ross Walker began advertising it on our Healthy Living show on Radio 2UE. It wasn’t long before I began to see results, after cutting down on meal portions and taking BergaMet ahead of main meals of the day, two per day as suggested. Over the past six months I have lost 55lbs, and I feel fantastic. I have even had to go out to by smaller clothing sizes. It has lowered my cholesterol and had great effects on my waist size. I highly recommend BergaMet and suggest if you too are wanting to lose belly fat and lower your cholesterol to give it a try. - David Pryor, producer of Dr. Walker’s radio show in Australia
John and Anita Rose Brisbane, Australia
Back in 2010, I tipped the scales at 390lbs, my health was suffering and I knew things had to change. I had type2 diabetes and high blood Pressure. I changed my lifestyle and statred exercising, just walking at first. Over the next 2years I lost 90lbs. Last year I meet with Dr. Ross Walker and he asked me to start taking BergaMet, the results nothing short of spectacular and in the next 6 months I lost another 90lbs. What is even more astounding is how good I feel as a result. My wife and I have been on a similar programme and she has lose 120lbs. I am 40 and feel as fit and energetic as when I was 21. I would thoroughly recommend BergaMet for anyone who is looking to lose weight and improve their health and energy levels. I am not sure if there is a wonder drug out there but this would be closest I have seen.I am living proof.
Fred Grover
I’ve seen impressive results with Bergamet Pro in lowering LDL in my patients, and in improving fasting glucose. Many benefit from weight loss with it as well. It is a excellent natural monotherapy for hyperlipidemia in many, but can also be used in combination with other lipid lowering medications, diet and lifestyle changes for improved results. - Fred Grover Jr. M.D. FAAFP Integrative, Functional, Anti-Aging and Wellness-Oriented Primary Care

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